Does drinking water make lips bigger?

How much water did you drink today? What if you subtracted your morning coffee? How much water should you drink in a day? And why drink water at all? How does it affect our skin? Does drinking water make lips bigger? Today we will answer all of those questions!

The human body is more than 50% water

There is some variation in how much of our bodies is made up of water. Some say that a one-month-old fetus has 97% water, a newborn has about 80%, an adult has 65%, and an elderly person has 57%. According to another version, the average adult’s body contains 70-80% water. 

But all scientists agree that our body is more than half water. And as we get older, alas, the amount of water decreases. And in order to keep it up, we need to drink. On average 1-2 liters. The recommended daily dose of pure water can be calculated by the formula: your weight x 31 = number of milliliters. 

Why is water so important for skin health?

To begin with, skin is a human organ just like the heart, brain, stomach, etc. And just like any other organ, skin needs water to keep the circulatory system going, to keep cells growing and dividing properly, to flush out toxins, etc.

Besides, the lower layer of skin – derma – contains intercellular fluid, the basis of which is water, of course. And the collagen fibers located there can’t do without water either. When our skin lacks moisture, the amount of intercellular fluid decreases, collagen fibers dry out, become thin and twisted. Such skin is called dehydrated skin.

How to help dehydrated skin

It’s important not to confuse a temporary condition (dehydration) with your skin type (dry skin). Here are the major signs of dehydrated skin:

  • After washing, even with mild cleansers, your face feels tight;
  • foundations slip and fall off during the day;
  • Your complexion changes to a grayish color and you have dull skin;
  • You feel tight, but in the mirror you see a greasy sheen.

Because dehydrated skin doesn’t get enough moisture, it tries to absorb it from everything you apply-just tap water, cleansing foam, foundation. Skin like this needs a lot of extra moisture and aloe vera extract and hyaluronic acid (or sodium hyaluronate) products are the best. Products with hyaluronic acid should only be applied to a damp or even a wet face.

However, if you drink more water, your lips will not enlarge. If you want to enlarge your lips, there is a more effective way.

Hyaluronic acid-based filler

Currently, the most popular fillers for lip augmentation are preparations based on stabilized hyaluronic acid (fillers). This is due to the unique properties of this substance, which is a natural component of the skin. Preparations of hyaluronic acid, not only superbly create extra volume of the lips, but also have a number of positive effects on the facial skin – contributing to the retention of moisture, stimulate the synthesis of new collagen, and neutralize free radicals. Thus, along with lip augmentation, fillers provide a good facial rejuvenation effect.

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