Do fillers stay in face?

Fillers have become a part of our lives, just like going for a facial or a consultation with a cosmetologist. We have nothing against them, but we want to know everything before we inject them. We decided to ask an expert, do fillers stay in face? 

You’ve probably heard that the effect of some fillers lasts for a year or two, although initially the cosmetologist only talked about 9-12 months. This is not a pattern, but rather the exception, but still. In this case, some of the drug may indeed remain in the tissues. But this speaks only about the individual characteristics of the person or about a low-quality product and incorrect introduction. 

What fillers are there

Cosmetic fillers can be divided into two large groups:

  • Hyaluronic acid-based (identical to our own);
  • Preparations made of chemicals that have no analogues in the body (such as calcium hydroxyapatite, polylactic acid).

Are they excreted from the body?

Modern biodegradable preparations of hyaluronic acid are absolutely safe, they are completely destroyed by skin enzymes, so the effect of the procedure is not permanent. Usually after about a year, hyaluronic acid breaks down into CO2 and water.

Sometimes fragments of hyaluronic acid-based fillers or fragments of the capsule with which the filler was surrounded remain in the tissue much longer than declared by the manufacturer: they can be observed after a year, and for a longer time. In such a situation, it is recommended to perform a diagnostic ultrasound examination. After several years, low-quality fillers can migrate, become inflamed and lead to other complications. 

What to do if the filler is left in the skin

If necessary, it is possible to get rid of fillers by injection (injection of hyaluronidase enzyme) or surgical methods. The first is suitable for preparations based on hyaluronic acid, the second – for biopolymers. And to make it easier for the doctors to remove the filler, you need to understand what product was injected into you before, so take a picture or ask your beautician to write the name and brand of the product.  

More information about fillers

Fillers do an amazing job on your face, maybe to the point where it feels like it’s being lifted. But there is no way they can replace a surgical facelift. A surgical facelift lifts deep tissue and removes excess skin. In many cases, practitioners combine both methods for optimal results.

Fillers are often reabsorbed or broken down by the body. This requires repeating the procedure. However, the time it takes to process the filler in the body is longer than most people think. The factors that determine this are the type of filler used, its location, and your activity.

There are methods of correcting fillings if you don’t like what you see after the procedure. If necessary, some chemicals can dissolve the product. On the other hand, you can know what the filler will look like after application.

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