Shiatsu Meridian Chart

Ancient Chinese Dao’s found a lot of energetic channels in our body which they called “meridians” and later use for shiatsu acupuncture. After their investigation they realized that these are not the only ones 12 meridians and in fact there are a lot more in a human body. Dao’s have learned that massaging every shiatsu meridian has an input in the way the “patient” feels. Nowadays we say that massaging each of shiatsu meridians restores the harmony of a human body, restores the energy flow through these energetic funnels. A much better view about the 12 shiatsu meridians was given by Shizuto Masunaga who made the 12 shiatsu meridians chart.

Master Masunaga developed such a term as Zen Shiatsu which involves meditation and shiatsu massage. A Zen Shiatsu therapist understands that shiatsu meridian is the funnel through which the energy flows inside a human body. Along with these shiatsu meridians are located vital points where the energy might be blocked and cause disorders inside the body.

The main twelve shiatsu meridians are placed on symmetrical bases in the body. A meridian starts in the hand and ends in legs and their middle part go through the entire body.

Shiatsu and psychology

meridians shiatsu Follow Me on Pinterest Learning shiatsu massage, a shiatsu therapist has to understand that shiatsu therapy is not just a number of massage techniques used to give a shiatsu therapy to a patient. Shiatsu massage studies psychology too. Psychology helps to understand better patients needs, learns how to read the body language of a patient and diagnosing the blocks in the shiatsu meridians before giving a shiatsu therapy. We may say that everything what is related to shiatsu is related to psychology too. And this is an argument against shiatsu massagers I think, which we have to admit don’t deal with psychology at all because these are just machines.

Which organs do the shiatsu meridians relate to?

Did you know why shiatsu massage uses the twelve meridians? Did you know if the meridians actually exist? Did you know that each shiatsu meridian corresponds to one of the organs inside a human body? Shiatsu is not healing directly the organs. What this shiatsu oriental therapy does is, stimulates the chi and directs it to the organs of the patient’s body. Working with the meridians a shiatsu therapist is influencing the health of the entire body.

When Traditional Chinese Medicine speaks about body organs they mean something more widely. The twelve shiatsu meridians are named according to their corresponding organs, and these are lung, pericardium, heart, large intestine, triple burner, small intestine, stomach, gall bladder, bladder, spleen, libber and kidney. They are functional units in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It should also be noted, the organs mentioned here have a much broader meaning in Traditional Chinese Medicine then what is typically thought of their functions in western medicine. Since the twelve shiatsu meridians make up the majority of the Meridians System, they are known as the regular or principal channels.

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