Stationary Or Portable Massage Tables Characteristics

A massage table is the most important ingredient to a great massage and that is why a massage therapist should be able to pick the right table. There are various types of massage tables that include the fixed massage table, the portable massage table and the electric lift massage table. When picking a table, the massage therapist should get one that is heavily padded and easy to clean. It should also have a face cradle for easy breathing.

The fixed and portable massage tables

The fixed massage tables differ from the portable massage table in that; the fixed table has a fixed height and does not fold. The fixed tables are also sold with built-in cabinets for storing massage equipment. The portable massage tables are made from either foldable steel or wood which makes it easy to move to different locations. The lightweight portable massage table is made strong enough for a person to lie on.

The electric lift massage table has an electric power-operated hydraulic lift that can rise and lower a client smoothly. The therapist controls the lifting mechanism using a foot pedal. The heavy duty material used in the table makes it strong enough to take body weights.

How to Pick a Portable massage table

Portable massage tables are popular with massage therapist since they give them the freedom to work in a place of their choice. When thinking of buying a massage table, a therapist should put the following into consideration; start by finding out the specifications recommended by other therapists. Find out what the size the table should be and the recommended frame or brands. Steel framed tables are much lighter than wooden framed ones. Always find out if the table you want can easily fold and that it has proper locking mechanisms.

Find out if the materials used on the portable massage table are tear resistant. You do not want to buy a table that tears easily. When checking the material, make sure that it can easily be cleaned. Find out if the portable table you are buying will be comfortable for your client. You can do that by getting the proper accessories for the legs to rest, cervical support and headrest.

Cleaning your massage table

Be it a stationary (fixed), portable or electric message table, it is important for the massage therapist to keep her massage table clean for both hygiene and to make it more durable. Use mild soap and water to clean the table. To make it easier to clean, cover the table’s fabric with sheets as this will prevent oil stains from forming on the table. Always clean the table after every client. It is important to regularly perform maintenance on your table to make it safe to use by check the table frames, and connections especially when it is a portable massage table.

Whether buying a fixed or portable massage table, a therapist should understand the needs of her clients to be able to choose the right table. At the end of the day, it is the client is bares the brunt of a bad table.

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