Buy A Massage Table Warming Pad To Make Clients Happy

Many massage therapists use massage table warmers to make their clients more comfortable. So what is a massage table warmer and what is a heating pad? And what are they used for?

Heating pads

Follow Me on Pinterest A heating pad is a piece of equipment that is specially designed to produce radiant heat. They are used for warming body parts in order to manage pain. They are very effective when used in the treatment of sore muscles and joints. Most pain in muscles results from constricted blood vessels which send messages of pain to the brain. To use the heating pad, you place the warm pad over the sore muscles. It works by dilating the blood vessels leading to increased blood flow in the painful area. It also helps to increase the flexibility of tissues. There are different types of heating pads in the market. These include chemical heating pads, electrical heating pads and simple heating pads like hot water bottles. The pads can be used in the safety of the home. Electrical heating pads are simply plugged into an electrical outlet and they heat up. Some have in-built thermostats to help control the temperature of the pad. Chemical heating pads have special substances which react and produce heat.

Massage table warmers

Follow Me on Pinterest A massage table warmer is a type of heating pad used by massage therapists to make their spa table warmer and comfortable. These are commercially bought and are often electric. They aid in the relief of sore and tired muscles. They produce heat and are ideal for warming the body from below. This means that the client has to lie on the warming pad. Different types of warming pads have a material cover placed over them. The cover can be made of fleece or cotton and it can be removed for cleaning.

Use of massage table warmers

The massage therapist uses a massage table warmer by first plugging it into an electrical outlet. Warmer pads come equipped with thermostats and controls. These make it easy to adjust the temperature of the device according to the client’s wishes. After plugging in the warmer, place it on the spa table and cover it with a sheet for a warm table. You can opt to turn it off when the client arrives or you can keep it on. The client can then lie over the sheet and get maximum relaxation from its heat. Tired muscles will feel better in no time.

Pros and cons of using the massage table heating pads

Using a massage table heating pad on the spa table provides clients with added stimulation to relax tired, sore muscles. They will feel cosier when the warming pad is in place and warming them up for a massage session will only take a few minutes.

On the downside, the heating pad could prove hazardous especially if it is left on for too long without being monitored. It may overheat and catch fire. However, most manufacturers make heating pads which have thermostats. Once the desirable temperature is reached they switch off. It is still wise to use them under close monitoring. It’s also good to check that the temperature attained is not too hot to avoid causing burns both on the spa table and on the client.

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