Treat Your Feet With U-Comfy Leg, Foot, Calf and Ankle Massager

Follow Me on Pinterest The U-Comfy leg, foot, calf and ankle massager is specifically designed to massage your feet, calves and ankles at the same time and it can be done at the comfort of your home. In addition to the combination of vibrating and kneading actions of the massager that gives you the most revitalizing and relaxing massage experience, your foot also achieves a highly beneficial foot reflexology effect. The combination of the powerful kneading and soothing vibration techniques penetrates deep into your tired muscles and soothes away fatigue and soreness of your lower legs. The leg massager stimulates blood circulation and prepares and warms up your muscles. The U-Comfy massager has a set three auto programs or you can create your own custom settings.

Features of U-Comfy Foot Massager

The four flexible kneading disks work on your calf muscles and ankles. The reflex points on the soles of your feet are stimulated by the pressure nodes in the massager. The dual-mode kneading and vibration program gives you the pleasure of customizable massage. The whole leg area, the ankles and feet are benefited. The auto timer shuts-off after 15 minutes. The massager has three speed levels and three intensity settings. The massager can be tilted to suit your comfortable seating position. It turns into a comfortable footrest when rotated. The massager comes with two removable fabric covers that make it easier to clean them.

Customer Reviews

The kneading and vibration combination with the pressure points on the feet being massaged simultaneously gives an incredible feeling.

The speed and intensity settings, the built in timer and the adjustable tilt features are a nice addition to the U-Comfy massager.

The massager works out all the cramps and discomfort caused by foot and calf pain and you can have a pain free, good sleep at night


- The massager stimulates the pressure points on your feet.
- The squeezing of the U-Comfy foot massager on your feet and calf are comfortable.
- The combination of squeeze and vibration makes it a great foot massager.


- The sharp pressure points do not give a gentler kneading.
- For people with larger or wider feet the pressure applied on the feet is excruciating.
- The U-Comfy kneading and vibrating foot massagers are designed to work on the principles of reflexology to stimulate the foot areas which correspond with your other body parts. This principle of the massager helps to relieve tension and to revitalize.

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