I-need Neck and Shoulder Pro Massager with Heat: 5 Features

Follow Me on Pinterest Do the long sitting hours make your neck and shoulder muscles stiff and painful?

If you are suffering from the above mentioned conditions, then it is time you try neck and shoulder massager that releases the tension from the stiff muscles and gives you a relaxing and gentle massage. The i-need Neck and Shoulder pro massager with heat from Brookstone provides you a deep-heated massage of neck and shoulder region whenever you want. It releases the tension and gives relief from the pain and aches of the tiring day.

1. I-need Pro Neck and shoulder massager comes in the form of a strap that is wrapped around your neck. You can add soothing heat by just pressing a button located in front of the massager.

2. The vigorous and rhythmic movements of the massager deeply penetrate aching muscles and release the tightness, so that you feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

3. The heated massager comes with pre-programmed massage settings – Pulse, Energize or Soothe, to provide you massage of different intensities according to your requirements.

4. With the help of handles, you can move the massager throughout the back and neck region to target the problem areas. It also allows you to operate hands-free conveniently. The massager can be raised or lowered along the neck, shoulders or back to get that deep relief at the right spot where you need it.

5. The heated massager improves the blood circulation and releases strain from the stiff muscles of the neck and shoulder to give you a relaxing and comforting massage.

Are there any precautions before using this Pro Massager with Heat from Brookstone?

- Remove scarves, jewelry or neckties before using the massager.

- Any individual who has a pacemaker or is suffering from diseases like diabetes, thrombosis or phlebitis has an increased risk of developing blood clots, hence should consult with a physician before using massager.

Customer Reviews:

- This massager is an anti-stress product that releases the tightness and kink from the shoulder and neck.

- Brookstone i-need Pro Massager is a perfect solution to relieve the strained and painful muscles of the neck and back and get a comfortable massage at your home.

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