Hitachi HV250R Magic Wand Massager: The Main Features

Follow Me on Pinterest Hitachi HV250R Magic Wand massager is a vibrating massager that releases the muscle tension and eases muscle pain and fatigue. Manufactured by well-known Japanese firm, Hitachi, this personal massager has gained popularity to its perfect use.

The super powerful electric massager comes with a soft flexible head that gives you a gentle and soothing massage. After a daylong at work, Hitachi massager works as magic wand for sore muscles and pleasure. Let us check out the key features of this high quality vibrating massager that has made it quite popular.


Speed: Hitachi HV250R is a two speed massager, having low and high speeds of 5000 and 6000 rpm. The low speed provides you deep tissue massage which relieves the tension from the strained muscles.

Design: It comes with a spongy spherical head and has a flexible neck. The overall length of the massager is 12 inches and the diameter of the head is 2 inches. The handy design makes it ideal for personal use.

Power: The two speed switch of the massager can perfectly fit in any standard 110-volt outlet. The electricity provides constant, powerful vibration. Moreover, there is no hassle of changing the batteries frequently to run the massager smoothly.

Noise: At low speed, the noise is humming and very low; whereas at high vibration speed, the sound is slightly louder and higher pitched. The intensity of vibrations are so high at high speeds that it produces annoying sound which becomes difficult to stifle the noise.

Attachments: Hitachi HV250R Magic Wand massager comes with two (one straight and one curved) attachments which are made of blue plasticol. The attachments are made of medical grade material and are non toxic. The attachments are for reaching the difficult places. They can also be used for erotic stimulation by applying them on the private areas.

Easy to clean: You can easily clean the device by wiping it with clean cloth.

Warranty: It is provided with one year warranty. It comes with an instruction book on how to use the massager.

Price: This multi-utility massager is available at an affordable price of $56.00.

Where can you use Hitachi Magic Wand?

Hitachi Magic Wand is a handheld massager that offers you variety of functions. Some of the uses of Hitachi Massager are:

To relieve back and neck pain: It is a great massaging tool to relax stress strained sore muscles.

Faster Recovery from injury: It increases the blood supply to the injured and sore areas, hence promoting regeneration of the tissues and results in fast healing.

Erotic stimulation: This personal vibrator is a perfect massage tool for an evening of sensual relaxing.

Customer reviews

Most of the customers find that the best use of this handheld personal massager is the clitoral stimulation and self-pleasure.

“Nice product that works effectively on sore muscles” By J. Reeva

“The best part is adjustable speed to apply right amount of pressure” By Photo Neenee

- Adjustable vibration
- Easy to use and clean
- Long battery life
- Powerful motor
- Best tool to increase pleasure

- Noisy at high speed

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