Treating Acne: Lavender Oil VS Tea Tree

Follow Me on Pinterest Everyone can have problems with acne at some point in their lives, and more often than not, it can happen at any age but how to actually get rid of pimples without actually getting acne scarring? More as asking, which are better to use, lavender oil or tea tree oil? Does one work more effective than the other?

Lavender Oil Fights Acne

Lavender oil is highly praised in health care because the oil contains antiseptic as well as antifungal ingredients. The lavender oil can help to fight some acne bacteria on the skin as well as to get into the pores of the skin and reduce redness and inflammation also. Some believe when a breakout occurs, this helps to fight the breakout.

Tea Tree Oil Fights Acne

Tea Tree oil can be used to help fight acne, this is going to be one actual natural remedy which can be applied to the skin. This is thought to help reduce the breakout of pimples and help to reduce redness on the skin, though it is said this could help to stop the spread of pimples also. It is also an essential oil.

Which Is Better To Fight Acne?

Both Tea Tree Oil and Lavender Oil are very much similar, they are thought to help however; they are both good for different reasons. Tea tree oil is used more because this can help fight acne if prolonged use is continued; whereas Lavender oil is said to help prevent future breakouts and deal with breakouts when they happen. These are the best options to cure acne. However, tea tree oil is going to be a little more effective to use because it does have proven results and more people are using Tea Tree oil over lavender and it does help in many other aspects for the skin including keeping it soft.

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