Is Tea Tree Oil Effective for Head Lice Removal?

Follow Me on Pinterest Are you or your children having a problem with head lice? Do you deal with the problem and after a few weeks it reoccurs? Have you tried every home remedy you can think of and yet nothing seems to work? You should not give up hope until you try out tea tree oil. This is a very effective remedy for removing and killing head lice. You do not have to result to shaving all the body hair in order to deal with the infestation. It does not only deal with the mature lice but also the eggs commonly known as nits. If used properly, it ensures that the problem goes away for good.

Tea tree oil though very effective should not be used on its own as it is very strong. It might have other side effects if used in its natural form. It is therefore better to mix it with a shampoo. For children, you can mix one part of tea tree oil with five parts of the shampoo you use for their hair. You can be using this daily for several days until all the head lice are removed. After washing the hair with the mixture of shampoo and tea tree oil, you should comb it to remove the dead lice and nits.

For adults, the mixture can be made stronger but you should be more careful if you have sensitive skin or have any other skin problems. Once you have got rid of the head lice, you should disinfect all combs, beddings and other clothes to avoid being infested again. This can be done by rinsing the clothes and combs in a mixture of tea tree oil and warm water. Avoid sharing of personal belongings such as combs, hair brushes and towels. Hats too should not be shared as they can lead to transmissions.

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