How to Treat Nail Fungus With Tea Tree Oil

Follow Me on Pinterest Nail fungus is a common nail condition affecting both the toe and finger nail. This infection is characterized by nail discoloring, thickening and formation of crumbling edges. This condition can affect you for decades if not cured properly and tends to be quite painful making it hard to walk in some individuals. The perfect solution for this problem is tea tree oil. Many people have always asked themselves, what are the causes of nail fungus? After getting cured will my nail return to its previous form? As a promising cure for nail fungus is tea tree oil which has helped many individuals does it have any side effect?

The causes of nail fungus

Nail fungus is caused by a fungus which is a microscopic organism affecting between 6-8% of the adults does not need sunlight to thrive. The dermatophytes are the fungi group responsible for this fungi infection; however various molds and yeasts can also cause this infection. Although Trichophyton rubrum is the common cause of nail fungus, some other dermatophytes like Trichophyton soudanense, Epidermophyton floccocus and Trichophyton tonsuran can cause this infection. The moulds causing this infection include Aspergillus, Scopulariopsis and Neoscytalidium. These micro-organisms enter your skin via any tiny cut between the nail & the nail bed where they grow when exposed to the favorable moist and warm environments.

The tea tree oil

This is a great solution that has worked perfectly against various skin ailments which rarely respond to any chemical treatment or medicine. Tea tree has both the anti-fungal and the anti-bacterial properties making it the best cure for various skin ailments completely. The anti-fungal properties make it the best cure for nail fungus, even for the most stubborn nail infection. Even though its effect with this infection is not immediate, you will start noting some effects after some few days of use.

How to apply tea tree oil

Before commencing use, you must test this oil on your under arm to see if you are allergic to it. You can then begin by applying tea tree on your infected nail using a cotton swab which has been drenched with at least two drops of this oil. Swab the cotton beneath your infected nail and also over it and allow it time to dry before going to bed. You can cover your nail with a plaster before going to sleep. Make sure that you leave the oil on your nail overnight daily until it is completely cured. You can mix tea tree with Vaseline, iodine or vinegar and then apply it on the affected nail.

Tea tree oil seeps into your affected nail and then attacks all the fungus which has grown in your nail. Within a very short time you will note a new healthy nail growing on your toe or finger without any fungus. So make sure that you apply it once a day before going to sleep until you are completely cured and with a new fungus free nail. Tea tree is gentle on individuals with sensitive skins so they do not cause any harmful effect.

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