Essential Oils vs Fragrance Oils: What is the Difference?

Follow Me on Pinterest What are essential and fragrance oils? What are the ingredients used in the production of both oils? What is the difference between essential and fragrance oils? Although many people normally refer to the fragrance oils and essential oils interchangeably, the fact of the matter is that these oils have some major differences that make them distinguishable. The oils however look similar to each other and one can easily mistaken them from each other. They are however extracted from different sources and therefore their ingredients are very different.

What are essential oils and fragrance oils?

One of the major differences between the essential oils and fragrance oils is that the former are natural chemicals extracted from roots, flowers, leaves and barks of plants while as the fragrance oils are synthetic. Essential oils are normally looked at as volatile and aromatic concentrations obtained from botanicals. These two oils are used in almost the same way and you can find both in soaps, body lotions, perfumes and bath preparations among other things. The essential oils can also be used for the purposes of aromatherapy through inhaling. It is however important to point out that the fragrance oils are not effective for these purposes.

One of the way through which these oils are distinguished from each other is that the fragrance oils are always liquid in nature and not unstable thus allowing their fragrance to last for a longer time. The fragrance oils are also made of various combinations of various synthetic and essential oils so as to make them stable and safe for use on the skin. There are many different types of these oils in the market and one will need to know their components so as to know how each of them should be used. The cost of these two oils is normally different with the essential oils being more expensive than the fragrance oils. This could be one of the way through which one can be able to distinguish them especially when it comes to the buying process.

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