Which Type Of Vibrating Massage Pillows Would You Choose?

Follow Me on Pinterest How does vibrating massage help? A massage works on superficial and deeper layers of your muscle and connecting tissues to enhance their function, the healing action, and to promote relaxation. What are vibrating massage pillow? It is a cushion device that comprises of an internal vibrating or a rolling mechanism. A vibrating massaging pillow can be very handy at the end of the day.

Benefits of Vibration Massage:

Vibration is used as a massage technique that is generally performed with the help of an electronic gadget. Vibration massage has several therapeutic benefits for people of all ages. It soothes or stimulates the nerves depending on the pressure and speed used.

Benefits of Vibrating Massage Cushions:

The vibrating massage pillows provide a convenient and comfortable way for giving soothing and healing effects to any part of the body including head, back, shoulders, arms, waist, thigh, buttocks, calves and feet. They help in bringing down fatigue, raise immunity, improve sleeping, cure insomnia, relieve nerve tension, avoid spine-related diseases, cure pain, treat high blood pressure as well as rheumatism, improve blood flow and enhance metabolism.

Types of Vibrating Massage Pillows:

There are many shapes and sizes of these pillows. The size, shape and type usually depend on its use. You can get a square, rectangle or horse show shaped pillow. There are kneading massage pillows, vibrating massage pillows, music U-shaped neck pillows, vibrating foot massage pillows, travel neck pillows, heat neck pillows, face-down pillow, massage pillows with heat and vibrations and so on in a wide range for use in a home, travel and office.

How massage pillows are different from others:
- There are different kneading movements like rotating and kneading
- Another difference is in the speed of the massaging mechanism

Most pillows operate on a chargeable batter and are filled with soft material like urethane for comfort. Travel neck pillows support the head or your neck while awake. Some pillows will support your body when you sleep. With a face-down pillow, your muscles get relaxed, and your body is kept in perfect alignment while you get a massage and face-down comfort. They relieve strain in the neck and provide comfort and relaxation. The pillow vibrates and do massage. Many pillows have buzzing sound. A few of them are provided with the attachment for music systems to overcome the sound and relax.

Some Reviews on Vibrating Massage Pillows:

Miyashi Massaging Pillow: It contours your spine and also improves your posture. It is more useful for lower back, neck, shoulder, legs, ankles and foot massage. You can use it in your car, at home or in the office. It is cordless with two speeds.

Shiatsu pillow rotating massage mechanism: is the best-selling massage cushion put into an ultra comfortable pillow. This is designed to easily reach your back, neck and shoulders for a true massage. The deep kneading rotating Shiatsu helps relieve the tightest knots. It soothing heat penetrates deeply it has integrated controls with option of massage or heat and massage.

Contour Back Wedge Lumbar Pillow with Massage: It is a Contoured wedged bed pillow that supports your back’s lumbar. It is filled with fine urethane foam and is durable and comfortable.

Brookstone Buzz Lumbare Massage Pillow: It can be most comforting for the aching back at work or while traveling for comfortable lumbar support. It is operated by a battery and stops every time you get up and it is saving power.

Sharper Image MSI-CS530H Massage Pillow: This provides a full coverage on your body to massage. You can customize it by setting to your height and width. It offers shiatsu as well as rolling massage on your neck, back and shoulders. It has 6 programs and is a good investment

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