Portable Massage Chairs Needs More Attention From You

A really good professional massage will invigorate your tired muscles and will make you fresh. But when you think of the ordeal of driving to the masseuse and the incredible traffic you have to pass, you end up asking yourself whether you need that massage. This is where the portable massage chairs come in use; the massage therapist now gets the opportunity to take their practice to you. You can have many questions regarding these mobile chair massage like where can these portable massage chairs be used, who can use the portable massage chairs and what is the weight capacity and dimensions of these chairs.

The portable massage chairs were invented to relieve you of the constant travel and the stress associated with it when you want to go out for a massage. If you are a massage therapist you can go to your clients to give them massage with these portable massage chairs.

Different Places Where the Portable Massage Chairs Can be Used

The massage therapist can take these chairs anywhere they want like the client’s home, office, malls, grocery stores, office party, a bachelorette party, a sporting event and even on a beach. A massage therapist can give one of their top class massages with these chairs. But one important thing that a massage therapist must keep in mind when buying a portable massage chair is these chairs are different from the regular massage chairs or tables used by them. These chairs give a platform for the clients to lie on. Though these chairs are smaller than a massage table they give the massage therapist access to all the important parts of your body that needs to be massaged. This helps you in getting the same type of relief that you will get when you were to go into the office.

Different Types of Portable Massage Chairs

There are different types of massage chairs with different features, made by different manufacturers.

Portable Massage Chair, Therabuilt Apex

The Therabuilt Apex portable massage chairs come with a carrying case which makes it easier to carry them. They weigh 18.5 pounds and have a weight capacity of 500 lbs. They are fitted with plush thick 3.5 inch foam pads and an adjustable face cradle.

Stronglite Ergo-Pro Portable Massage Chairs

These chairs are ergonomic and are designed to suit the professional massage therapist. They feature a large chest pad to suit larger clients and they have a weight capacity of 600 lb. They can be adjusted so that the client and the therapist are comfortable during and after the session. They are also lightweight which makes it easier to carry them and the wheels do all the heavy work and you have to just steer them.

HealthMark TravelMark Poratble Massage Chairs

These are one of the most affordable massage chairs with an adjustable headrest and sternum pad. They come with a carrying case.

Positioning the Portable Massage Chairs

The portable massage chairs can be adjusted to fit the client properly. The face rest, seat height and the chest pad height can be adjusted to suit the client. The seat height can be raised or lowered to suit the height of the client, for clients who are short the seat height can be raised so that they can comfortably reach the headrest. The clients can keep their feet on the floor or keep them away from the floor as per their wish. Raising the seat reduces the stress on their knees as they do not have to bend their knees far.

Safety Tips to Carry the Portable Massage Chairs

The massage chair has to be folded and knobs have to be tightened to prevent them from unfolding while you are carrying it. Always carry the portable massage chair in its carrying bag to protect the upholstery from getting damaged and also from getting dirty. While transporting the chair in a vehicle make sure it is secure and does not move around.

Portable massage chairs must be light enough to make them easier to be carried but not tool light where they might break under the pressure of your body.

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