Make Your Employees Effective With Office Massage Chairs

Follow Me on Pinterest Correct posture is very simple, but is it inevitable for keeping lots of intricate structures in your back and spine healthy. Sitting in an office chair for a long period of time will definitely lead to lower back pain and it can also worsen an existing neck or back problem. When you sit for a long period of time in an office chair, it increases stress on your neck, back, shoulders, legs, and arms. Besides, it also leads to the accumulation of large amounts of pressure on your spinal discs and back muscles.

When you sit in an office chair for long periods, the tendency for slouching down or slouching over in the chair is very high. This leads to overstretching of spinal ligaments and strain on discs and surrounding structures in your spine. When you continue this incorrect sitting position, it may damage your spinal structures and it ultimately leads to chronic back pain or worsening an existing neck or back pain.

Benefits of Using Massage Therapy at Office

Stress contributes a major share in medical and disability payments and it is the major reason for huge amount of lost productivity per year. More than 50% work loss is related to stress and it keeps around one million people from work every day. It is also estimated that more than 80% industrial accidents occurs due to stress. Importance of massage at work place should be approached on the basis of these statistics.

As per the findings of Journal of Neuroscience (1996), massage at work place can reduce the level of stress considerably and it is also helpful for preventing work related disorders, like repetitive stress injuries. An office chair massage for 15 minutes is also beneficial for increasing alertness, speed, and accuracy. You can also strengthen your immune system by doing massage therapy at work.

Massaging Desk Chair Benefits

* Improve retention
* Improve productivity
* Reduce stress
* Improve morale
* Can manage and preventive repetitive stress injuries

Office massage therapy or spa massage is also beneficial for lowering job stress scores, migraine headache pain, sleep disturbances, distress, depression, insomnia, pain, stress, anxiety, etc.

Myriad Benefits of Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu is a form of Asian massage and it is similar to acupuncture/acupressure. Shiatsu techniques consist of patting, vibrating, sweeping, rotating the affected areas. A Shiatsu massage chair is designed for imitating this human touch. This chair is highly beneficial for treating headache, back pain, digestive problems, and many more. You will get the benefits of actual massage if you use Shiatsu massage chair. The new Shiatsu massage chairs are coming with buttons of different options, which is helpful for selecting a number of massage options such as tapping, pulsing, kneading, etc.

Shiatsu massage chair provides you myriad health benefits. Some of them are:

* Reduce tension and muscle spasm
* Increased level of immunity
* Relief from stiffness and muscle tension
* Stress reduction and deep relaxation
* Greater joint flexibility
* Increasing efficiency of movement
* Reduce blood pressure
* Relief from eye-strain or tension related headache
* Healthier and nourished skin
* Improved posture and balance
* Reduces pain, formation of scar tissue, swelling, etc
* Relaxed state of alertness
* Clearer thinking
* Greater ability to monitor stress signals
* Increased sense of health
* Reduced level of nervous tension and anxiety
* Enhanced self image
* Increased awareness of body-mind connection

The Shiatsu massage chair has a timer so that you can fix the time for your massage. The market is inundated with a number of office massage chairs. However, considering the benefits and effectiveness, Shiatsu massage chair is considered as the best office massage chair.

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