What is the Average Salary for a Massage Therapist

Follow Me on Pinterest If you choose to become a massage therapist one of the incentives which will draw you to it will also be the average Massage Therapist salary, asides from the fact that you’ll work in a pleasant and relaxing environment where you can always take a rest or get a massage from one of your colleagues, should you need one for doing well at your job. So what will the salary be, how many hours will you work per week? Can you work whenever you want? Well, if these are your questions, let me tell you more about this from my own personal story and also give you a brief job description.

The hourly rate

First of all when it comes to the money you will earn there are a lot of factors involved, like your experience, the type of massage you can offer, the techniques you learned, the institution you are working for, whether you are working for a private one or not and so on.

Saying that you are the average massage therapist and you just graduated, you can expect to earn 15$ per hour. With this money and working 8 hours per day, five days a week, you will earn a monthly salary of $2,400 and a total annual income of $28,800. The thing is that you will get this money if you will actually have a client. If you don’t have a client, then you will only be paid the minimum wage and you will also need to take on other duties like answering the phone, cleaning and sometimes even consider marketing.

On a weekly basis you will be able to work around 25 to 30 hours tops because massage actually involves not only physical endurance, but also emotional and mental stress. This means that per week you will perform around 20 – 25 massages.


Your salary as a massage therapy professional will also depend on the area where you live in and the place you will practice massage at. Are you working in a hospital? Maybe you are working in a spa? Is it your own practice? If it is, what’s the amount you charge your clients with? Also, do you work part time or full time? These are all factors which will decide the amount of money you get paid working as a massage therapist.

To give you some more numbers than earlier, in 2008 according to the American Massage Therapy Association, a regular massage professional that works 15 hours per week earned an average of 31.5$ per hour. This is actually a very good pay for a part time worker. The average hourly pay though reported by the American Massage Therapy Association at that time was 41.5$.

Your character

As you can see getting into massage therapy is for those people who would like to make some good money and they know they have it in them to do so. Becoming a massage professional means that you like to be around people, you like to help them and you love the look on their faces after you will finish massaging them. It’s something that also requires you to be very communicative and if you are also a humorous person, believe me that will make you extremely popular.

People come to a massage clinic for a new state of body and mind and if you are able to offer them both exquisitely, you can be sure you will become their favorite massager.

The quality of your massage matters

Remember, if you want to make good money by becoming a massage therapist, it’s important that you are able to give a good massage. Clients appreciate such professionals and they will always come back to them for more. You must put your heart into your massage techniques and everything you can. Your client feels that and believe me, appreciates it. If you just do this for the money you will eventually fail to actually have a steady base of clients who really appreciate your work.

Working on cruise ships

I once wanted to work on a cruise ship, yet I found it wasn’t that simple to get a job on one. Generally, the majority of LMTs are hired through a spa agency, meaning a Spa Therapist will help you get there. I also heard that it’s a lot of work involved and not everyone could make it, so be careful when you’ll make this decision, as you won’t be able to pull back but only after the contract expires.

The massage therapist career: You have to like it to make it

As everything in this world: if you like what you’re doing then that will be seen on your face, but if you don’t like your job, this will be felt in every aspect of it. So don’t think that you can get rich by becoming a massage therapist, because the salary is mainly influenced by your willingness, experience and dedication of working as one.

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