How To Melt Your Troubles Away With A Hot Stone Massage

Do you constantly feel edgy and in need of something to calm your nerves? Or do you wish there was a magic formula to make life’s troubles disappear? The stresses of modern life have a way of getting into the nerves of even the coolest, calm and collected persons. Fortunately, therapies like hot stones massage have a calming, invigorating effect and can be used to cope with life’s pressures.


Hot stone therapy has been used for thousands of years for its healing and rebalancing properties. Different ancient cultures from Native American to Asian and European cultures discovered the benefits of using heat to relieve muscle aches and tensions, to treat injuries and restore the body’s energy balance as far back as 3000 years. Healers used stone from riverbeds and warmed them in hot coals or water. They placed the warm stones along the body’s energy lines for relieving pain and discomfort and detoxifying the body. Cold stones were also used for reducing bleeding during the birth process.

Modern techniques

The interest in stone therapy in modern times was revived by the introduction of La stone massage in 1992. The popularity of the therapy has spread to many countries with many spas including the service in their menu. Hot stones massage has several variations but the basic technique incorporates traditional massage techniques with the use of heated stones.


Apart from relaxation, hot stones massage offers numerous benefits to the body for overall physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. It heals the body by relieving muscle aches and tension. It also improves circulation, which ensures the body cells have a rich supply of nutrients and oxygen. The improved blood flow drains away toxins from the cells for elimination.

Massage therapists perform hot stone massage using stones, massage oil and heating units. The choice of massage oils is unlimited, and the therapist may use different recipes of essential oils, depending on the desired effect.

Why basalt stones?

Follow Me on Pinterest Basalt stones are favored for use in hot stones massage because of their ability to retain heat. The stones form in the depths of the earth over millions of years. When they erupt out in volcanoes in lava form, some of it falls into the ocean where it cools and forms the smooth textured stones over a long period. Eventually, the stones are washed on beaches from where experts harvest them.
The stones have a good density for retaining heat and unique curves to move along the skin smoothly. Basalt massage stones are purchased in sets of different numbers. These are heated for about 30 minutes in pans that are available for purchase in retail stores. A therapist must never use a microwave to heat the basalt massage stones and the stones temperature should never exceed 125 degrees Fahrenheit.

Cleaning the stones

Therapists must always observe the highest standards of hygiene to avoid spreading harmful organisms that may cause infections. The basalt massage stones should be cleaned and sanitized with disinfectant before usage on the next client.

Using cold and heat therapy

Sometimes therapists use cold stones or alternate cold and hot stones during massage. The application of cold stones has a cooling effect and constricts blood vessels. The technique, known as contrast therapy is helpful for relieving conditions like migraines and pain from some injuries.

For clients looking for a discount, many spas offer hand and stone massage coupons to extend the benefits of hot stone massage to more clients. You can always find a spa offering discount coupons in your area by searching online.

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