Does Massage Help Reduce Cellulite? What Are The Options?

Follow Me on Pinterest More than 90% of women above the age of 30 years are likely to develop cellulite. Understandably, most women spend a lot of money on anti cellulite treatment to get rid of the unsightly appearance of cellulite. Here you will find answers to the following questions:

-What is cellulite and how does it develop?
-What is a cellulite massage and how does it work?
-What are the different types of message options used in cellulite removal techniques

What Is Cellulite and How Does It Develop?

The term cellulite describes the hollow indentations or dimples that appear on the skin because of the massive fat deposits underneath the skin. Other medical terms used to describe cellulite are dermopanniculosis deformans, gynoid lipodystrophy or adiposis edematosa. Although cellulite appears in both men and women, it is more common in women. Anti cellulite treatment usually focus on the pelvic areas, the abdomen, buttocks thighs and arms, as this is where most cellulite causing fat is stored.

Although there is no agreement on the exact causes of cellulite, various factors contribute to its development. These include:

- Hormonal effects – Most medical professional agree that hormones that are likely to contribute to the formation and development of cellulite are thyroid hormones, prolactin, insulin and estrogen.

- Lifestyle factors – Diet and lifestyles factors that contribute to the development of cellulite include: smoking, over consumption of carbohydrates, fats and salt. The consumption of very little fiber is equally likely to contribute to cellulite formation.

- Genes – Genetic factors that may influence your chances of developing cellulite include race, sluggish metabolism, gender and the overall placement of fats beneath your skin.

What Is a Cellulite Message?

Cellulite massage treatment is one of the most effective methods of alleviating the occurrence of cellulite. The main techniques involved in anti cellulite treatment include endermology and lymphatic drainage massage.

Endermology: This is a mechanical, non-surgical technique. It involves the use of a motorized machine that features a cellulite vacuum massager and mechanical rolls. During the procedure, a cellulite therapist uses the machine to apply slight pressure and suction across your skin in an effort to break down fat deposits beneath the skin. This movement increases lymph and blood circulation, and encourages greater flow of oxygen and essential nutrients all through the various layers of the skin. The result of this painless cellulite message procedure is smoother skin and a reduction in cellulite dimples.

Although there is no agreement as to how long the cellular massage treatment should be for you to see results, most cellulite therapists recommend 15 to 20 treatment sessions. The actual procedure takes about 45 minutes and is done at least once a week. The number of treatment sessions required for any patient depends on how long the cellulite takes to diminish.

Lymphatic drainage massage: This technique involves mechanical stroking and smoothing of the targeted area to encourage the flow of lymphatic fluid. Lymphatic drainage allows the lymph vessels in the body to get rid of excessive water, fats and toxins that surround the tissues in the skin. When drainage massage procedure is done correctly, it is possible to enhance the flow of lymph up to 20 times.

Lymph drainage massage is done by stroking and smoothing. Stroking comes before soothing and entails the use of fingertips to stroke the targeted area where you are trying to reduce the cellulite. Smoothing entails the use of talc and involves deeper massage with the hands. During the smoothing movement, the therapist uses his hands firmly over your muscles to in a way that encourages lymph flow.

What are the different types of massage options used in cellulite removal techniques?

Other than endermology and lymph drainage massage, other cellulite massage options include the use of massage machines. These are often less expensive compared to the other two options but must be used effectively to see the desired results. Some cellulite massagers include:

Verseo cellulite reducing massage system: The verseo cellulite massager is a product of Rollercell and is a home-use cellulite remover. It features rollers that are motorized, vacuum suction, penetrating heat and a vibrating effect. To effectively reduce cellulite is arms, thighs, buttocks and the abdominal area, it is recommended that you use this cellulite vacuum massager at least 20 minutes each day

Cogit cell roller cellulite massager: This is a handheld anti cellulite massager that allows you to eliminate cellulite in the comfort of your home. The Cogit cellulite massager is used on the back, arms, thighs and hips. It is a waterproof massager and is effective in eliminating body pains.

Phat qr anti cellulite deep tissue massager: This massager features seven metal rollers that smoothly roll across the skin to encourage blood circulation, alleviate cellulite and spasms, and to eliminate muscle pains.

But don’t forget that cellulite massage as a procedure of eliminating cellulite works effectively to the extent that you live a healthy lifestyle. This involves eating healthy diets and engaging in regular exercise.

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