Want A Massage Career? Find Out How To Become A Massage Therapist

Follow Me on Pinterest The BLS estimates that by 2016, the employment for massage therapists will grow by twenty percent. Even though the BLS reported that more than sixty four percent of massage therapists are self employed. There are still many other people out there who are practicing it as a second income. But if so many people are doing it, is it actually easy to become one and what are the steps to doing so?

Becoming a massage therapist

People who don’t know how to become a massage therapist should be aware that each state will have its own rules in regards to the education someone needs in order to become a massage therapist. That is why they will first of all need to make sure they research online for the requirements which are specific for their state.

When choosing a school you will need to make sure it’s accredited through the Commission on Massage Therapy Accreditation, but a similar organization will also do. The programs will generally last for a few hundred hours. Usually between three hundred and one thousand hours. The curriculum will include massage techniques, but also basic business, physiology and human anatomy.

Upon the completion of the program students will receive a certificate. Most of the times those who will take on these courses will also have to pay a fee that depends on the number of hours they took. For example, for three hundred hours students can pay around $3,500 while for one thousand hours they can pay $7,000+.


After the students will have their education completed, they will need to become certified. Certification is completed in most states by taking an exam from one of the 2 major organizations in the USA: the Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards and the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. The state is the one the certification will depend on. Yet it will include basic knowledge of the massage business, like ethics, business, physiology, anatomy, pathology and practical applications.

The fact is that because every state is different, they will each need a certain number of training hours to be completed by the students. For instance, the NCBTMB will require at least five hundred hours of training time and the majority of schools also have evening classes and weekend classes. Thus, while some programs can be completed in one year, others will take double than that.

Minimum requirements

Last but not least, students who are interested in massage therapy and will want to apply for a school should know that there are some minimum requirements they need to pass. The minimum is a high school diploma, while there are some schools out there that will require students to have some minimum knowledge regarding subjects as humanities, business, psychology, physiology and anatomy.


After all of these steps have been completed, students will now be able to get a job as a massage therapist and see how well they’ll do in this industry. One thing they need to keep in mind is that physical endurance is a must, because they will massage many clients (probably) per day and each of them will require a different type of massage. At this step you will need to work on your business plan and marketing ideas. Think how will you make your clients call you back for another massage. Use business cards for massage therapy services to link your client to your service. ¬†Spend enough time on your marketing ideas as it will give you a good start in your massage business.

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