Marketing Ideas About How to Start a Massage Home Based Business

Follow Me on Pinterest How does one start a massage business? This is a question for those who are looking to get into the industry and would like to have their own home based massage business. What do you need in order to have a mobile massage business? The answer depends on the type of massage business you intend to create. A massage business is indeed doable and while you may not get rich performing massages, it can be a comfortable way to earn a living. Naturally, with any business venture it is important to have a business plan to describe what you will do, the services you will perform and how you will make a profit. Massage therapy business cards being ready in order to start to market yourself to your customers and create a following. Consult the internet or reference book to see how and what goes into a business plan. This is assuming you have the basics in place. Graduation from an accredited school of massage is assumed.

The Two Ways of Starting a Massage Business

One can choose to have a massage business at home where their home functions as a store front. Alternatively, they can choose to operate a mobile massage business where the practitioner will go to the customer’s home or place of business to perform their massages.

Each alternative has its advantages. The advantage of having a mobile massage business is that there is less overhead and upkeep of a home office. Regardless of whether you choose to keep your home business at home, or opt to have a mobile massage business you will still need a business license for your state. That should be your first order of business. One should also purchase liability insurance to protect you in the event of claims by those who state they have received injury from your services.

Running a Massage business from home

Those that hope to run the massage business at there home should also check with the zoning authority to make sure that the business can be licensed to run out of the home. You must evaluate your business expenses. Write down the cost of massage oils, a portable table, candles or aromatherapy options, whatever you will need for inducing relaxation for your clients. You will also need to advertise the specific services and types of massage you will provide.

It is also a good idea to contact massage professionals in the area to see how much they charge for various massage services. Ask them how their massage office is organized and how you can make you massage place look like as spa as much as possible.

Calculate if you can make a profit in your area. What will be an average number of massages per day/week in order to make a profit? To increase the number of your customers you will need business cards, brochures and pamphlets to advertise your services. You may want to leave these brochures at natural food stores, libraries, tanning centers and beauty salons. Promote yourself speaking at fitness centers, be present at seminars were other practitioners participate to advertise or pitch your business. Increase your presence online. You can create profiles on Twitter and Facebook, create a business website or a blog.

Make sure that you have an office in your home that you can manage the day to day operations of your business. There are a number of software programs that are designed to help with home business operations. Remember a self employed person is responsible for keeping track of their day to day operations and paying their own taxes.

Focusing on Developing a Mobile Massage Business

Follow Me on Pinterest The steps to developing and starting a mobile massage business are in reality not much different from starting a massage business from a home operation. In fact many of the steps are the same. You will still need to have a business license, purchase the necessary oils, a portable table and anything to make your experience relaxing for the client.

Many people who want to start a home massage business are probably thinking they can get paid for working as a masseuse without having the necessity of setting up a home office.

You will also have to promote or advertise your business with cards, flyers, a website local business directory, and anything else you can do to attract attention to the business. Offering coupons for your mobility massage service is also helpful.

In addition, you will need a portable credit card machine you can carry around with you, as well as sheets or protective paper coverings for the table, information forms, water and anti bacterial soap or sanitizer for yourself.

For a mobile massage business it is crucial to be on time at the meeting place. Most people who order mobile massage are busy and if you are late this means you will lose the client as he may be at a meeting when you arrive late. Google directions or a GPS will help getting to the clients home or office in a timely manner.

When you arrive at your client prepare the place for a pleasant massage procedure. Minimize the amount of sun light in the room. Bring an Ipod or computer in order to play soothing music.

Safety and security is always an issue. Please be aware even for those who are professionals, some individuals will request “happy endings” for their massages. You may wish to avoid those clients or point out they are not escorts.

Is it harder for a Male to Succeed in a Massage Business?

For many years a myth has perpetuated the massage industry. The myth is that it is harder for males to succeed in the massage business. The reason that this has perpetuated the industry is because more people are comfortable with the idea of women touching their bodies then men.

Some men are homophobic and are afraid to let other men touch their bodies, or married women may be afraid of inspiring jealousy in their husbands if they receive a therapeutic massage by a man. The massage therapist has to be very professional especially in these circumstances.

Some of the men that work in the business did have a hard time getting started in the business. However, once they established that they were massage professionals they were able to establish a thriving business. A massage therapist certainly can succeed as a male. However, they first must realize that they may have some old stereotypes to deal with first. They have a way of getting in the way.

However, it is certainly possible for both men and women to succeed in a home massage business. There are many successful professionals in the arena.

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