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How to Store Essential Oils to Keep Their Healing Properties

Follow Me on Pinterest You might have heard that essential oils are used in massages and it benefits the skin of the patient. As many of us are not trained aromatherapists or professionals we might look to use them for our own use at home. These could be for our self massage, skin care or other uses. However, if I would buy an essential oil I need to know how to storage it so that it doesn’t lose its healing properties.


It is always best to store your oils in a dark place, away from light, especially sunlight. Therapeutic-grade essential oils have a very high frequency. The frequency is an important component of their healing power. Sunlight and other kinds of radiation can lower the frequency and compromise the potency. Do not store your oils in metal, plastic, or clear glass.
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The General Knowledge of Acupressure Points

Follow Me on Pinterest What is acupressure? Acupressure is an alternative medical treatment that is thousands of years old. Can any massage deliver acupressure? Is it expensive? Acupressure is a matter of pressing down on pressure points or meridians in the body to release Qi or trapped energy. It should not be confused with acupuncture which is a number of needles placed under the skin to release the Qi. Acupressure is often called acupuncture without the needles. It involves instead fingertip pressure that is applied along the previously discussed specific meridians of the body. Traditional massages often include acupressure. However those that want to get specifically only acupressure treatments should look for a practitioner that specializes in this particular practice.

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Have Your Everyday Pain Relief With Acupressure Mats

Follow Me on Pinterest The practice of acupuncture has helped many people in alleviating stress, pain and health conditions. The acupressure mat uses a similar technique in enabling you to get relief from pain and discomfort from the convenience of your own home. Here we will address these three questions:

1. What are acupressure mats and how do they works?
2. What types of acupressure mats are there?
3. What are the benefits of using acupressure mats

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The Ying Yang Philosophy Behind Acupuncture and Its History

Follow Me on Pinterest The history of chinese acupuncture is one of the most controversial healing practices. Many people wonder how it works and what the benefits really are. To demystify this practice, this article will answer these three fundamental questions:

1. What is the history of acupuncture?
2. How does acupuncture work?
3. What are the criticisms against this practice?

What is the History of acupuncture?

The term acupuncture has French origins dating back to the 16 century. The term derives its meaning from the Latin words acus meaning needle and punctura meaning puncture. Acupuncture is generally believed to have originated from the Eastern traditions, particularly of Chinese medicine. This practice was both a Taoist philosophy as much as it is a medical practice today.
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7 Natural Oils That Promote Hair Growth

Follow Me on Pinterest Aromatherapy offers many benefits when it comes to luxurious and healthy hair. Essential oils have been used for generations to promote hair growth and maintain shiny and healthy hair. Stress, medications, hormonal changes and chronic diseases are some of the causes responsible for falling or thinning of hair. Essential oils are the volatile oils derived from plant sources and contain therapeutic formula for all your hair related concerns such as hair fall, thin hair, dull and lusterless hair and bald patches. Some of essential oils such as tea tree oil, lavender oil and ylang ylang are used for stimulating hair growth whereas some essential oils like jasmine oil, rosemary oil have main action on keeping your hair shiny, scented and healthy.

Essential oils for hair growth:

Lavender oil: Studies have shown that lavender oil has remarkable results in improving hair growth for used for couple of months. Lavender oil has soothing and relaxing effects of the scalp cells and work deeper to nourish the hair follicles and stimulate blood circulation. The roots and the hair shafts are properly nourished which results in faster hair growth.
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Jason Tea Tree Oil Shampoo: The Best Natural Shampoo in the Market

Follow Me on Pinterest Hair care is never complete without a good shampoo, rather shampoo is the basic thing required to keep hair clean. A good shampoo cleanses the hair from all sorts of foreign particles such as dust, sand etc. it is also responsible to make hair dandruff free, while leaving the scalp undamaged. Our body accepts natural products easily and that’s why natural shampoos work the best for most people. One of the best natural shampoos available in the market is Jason Tea Tree Oil Shampoo.

Difference from Common Shampoos

Unlike other commercial shampoos, this one has been made from all natural ingredients. It is really difficult to find a shampoo made from natural ingredients, as most shampoos have got dangerous chemicals that seem to give good results in beginning, but in the long run they badly damage hair and scalp. This tea tree oil shampoo has been enriched with pro vitamins and highly soothing botanicals, which shall provide moisture to your hair and scalp.

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Why Acupunture Stands Out from Other Medical Treatments?

Follow Me on Pinterest Acupuncture as a medical treatment as been around for many thousands of years. The history of chinese acupuncture began in Ancient China. Individuals contemplating the procedure wish to know: how effective is acupuncture? Is acupuncture safe? Since acupuncture has existed in one for or another for many thousands of years, its treatment efficacy for some conditions is rarely in doubt. Physicians and some lay people have used these treatments successfully to treat many injuries and painful conditions. The initial practice of acupuncture consists of needles being inserted into energy meridians around the body. Initially there were long thin bones used. The bones were replaced by long thin needles starting in the Han dynasty. It should not be confused with acupressure which works on the 11 known pressure points on the body for pain relief.

How Acupuncture is Performed

Acupuncture is performed by long thin needles placed under the skin. This needles work by targeting specific areas of the body where pain receptors are stored. In traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture points were set to target QI or energy in the body. There are specific meridians or points on the body that upon stimulation release the Qi. It was performed in the traditional way for many thousands of years in China. The practice then spread to Korea and later Japan. The practice has been relatively unchanged throughout the years. This is part of the reason that is so intriguing and popular with both medical professionals and consumers of these services alike.

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Is Tea Tree Oil Effective for Head Lice Removal?

Follow Me on Pinterest Are you or your children having a problem with head lice? Do you deal with the problem and after a few weeks it reoccurs? Have you tried every home remedy you can think of and yet nothing seems to work? You should not give up hope until you try out tea tree oil. This is a very effective remedy for removing and killing head lice. You do not have to result to shaving all the body hair in order to deal with the infestation. It does not only deal with the mature lice but also the eggs commonly known as nits. If used properly, it ensures that the problem goes away for good.

Tea tree oil though very effective should not be used on its own as it is very strong. It might have other side effects if used in its natural form. It is therefore better to mix it with a shampoo. For children, you can mix one part of tea tree oil with five parts of the shampoo you use for their hair. You can be using this daily for several days until all the head lice are removed. After washing the hair with the mixture of shampoo and tea tree oil, you should comb it to remove the dead lice and nits.

For adults, the mixture can be made stronger but you should be more careful if you have sensitive skin or have any other skin problems. Once you have got rid of the head lice, you should disinfect all combs, beddings and other clothes to avoid being infested again. This can be done by rinsing the clothes and combs in a mixture of tea tree oil and warm water. Avoid sharing of personal belongings such as combs, hair brushes and towels. Hats too should not be shared as they can lead to transmissions.

How to Treat Nail Fungus With Tea Tree Oil

Follow Me on Pinterest Nail fungus is a common nail condition affecting both the toe and finger nail. This infection is characterized by nail discoloring, thickening and formation of crumbling edges. This condition can affect you for decades if not cured properly and tends to be quite painful making it hard to walk in some individuals. The perfect solution for this problem is tea tree oil. Many people have always asked themselves, what are the causes of nail fungus? After getting cured will my nail return to its previous form? As a promising cure for nail fungus is tea tree oil which has helped many individuals does it have any side effect?

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Benefits of a Pad Massager for Chair With Heat

Follow Me on Pinterest Chronic fatigue, pain in the back and in the neck can keep you from functioning properly at work, while you travel and even at home. However, the back massage pad for chair is a cushion like pad that can help you alleviate the pains of sitting too long in a seat. Here I will answer three questions from my own experience with the chair back massager with heat.

How does a pad massager for chair with heat work?
What are the benefits of using it?
How do you choose the appropriate chair pad massager?

How does a pad massager for chair with heat work?

The chair back massager with heat features several massage motors that power the nodes and rollers found in the pad. The nodes and rollers have a soothing motion that helps alleviate pain and discomfort when I sit at my workstation for too long. It is also possible for me to adjust the rollers and the nodes to sooth specific parts of my back or my neck.
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