Affraid Of Acupuncture Needles? Read Here

Follow Me on Pinterest So what is acupuncture? What are the benefits of this treatment and is it painful? These are some of the questions that you may be asking yourself regarding the whole idea of healing needles. Acupuncture treatment has been around for up to a thousand years and the results have been proven.

Do acupuncture needles hurt?

So you might be wondering whether there is pain when these needles are being inserted. The size of the needles makes the whole process pretty much painless. Most of the people who go for this treatment realize that their fear of pain prior to the treatment was actually baseless. The worst you can feel during this treatment is a slight discomfort but that is soon over once they have been inserted.

What is the size of acupuncture needles?

The size of an acupuncturist’s needle as mentioned is very small. It is much smaller than your standard needle and a number of these needles will need to be brought together to make up the diameter of one hypodermic needle. They are that small. There are some situations however that call for the use of needles that might be a bit bigger than the standard acupuncture needle. This should not scare you however since the acupuncturist knows how to prepare you for the treatment to minimize pain and discomfort.

Which are the types of acupuncture needles?

Some of the types of acupuncture needles that are used in the treatment include a thread- like needle, stainless steel needle others are also made from precious metals like gold and silver. There is also a blunt needle that is used for massage therapy purposes; and also one that has three edges and is used in making a patient bleed.

How far do acupuncture needles go in?

When the needle is driven into your body; it goes to a depth of a less than an inch. This is the standard depth for the standard and average patient. The leaner one is the shallower the penetration. If the patient is a bit bigger in terms of body mass whether muscular or fat; then they will need to be pushed a bit deeper. The part of the body will also determine how deep the needle goes in. For more fleshy or fatty parts; the depth could be up to a few inches deep in order to be effective.

How long should acupuncture needles be left in?

A typical acupuncture session will last anything from twenty to thirty minutes; that is therefore how long those needles will stay in your body. In an acupuncture session; you will usually be treated using about eight needles. These needles are placed in different points referred to as pressure points. The purpose of this is so that; as the Chinese discovered; obstructed energy paths can be unblocked.


When the energy flow within the body is obstructed for whatever reason; a person will have a higher tendency of getting ill. Acupuncture and its healing needles serve the purpose of bringing back the body to its natural balance and therefore boosting health. The treatment can also be used in preventing certain diseases from occurring. Correct treatment can relieve pain, enable one to quit certain addictions and is also a great treatment for depression.

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